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Award-Winning Programs for Kids.

William G. from San Luis Obispo, started playing chess with us as a Montessori "Little Chess Master" when he was just 4 years old!


He was recently awarded the "Lion Level" Trophy in our 9-level system to chess mastery.

This brother pair, Sasha and Srisha C.

(center front), from Fremont came to a Chess Camp and enjoyed it so much they started Skype lessons right after.


They both currently enjoy online lessons each week from the comfort of their own home.

These twins, Cash and Graham M. from Alamo, have double the fun when it comes to Chess Camp.


Their parents are "double-Bruins" so of course they love to learn from UCLA student and International Master, Luke Vellotti.

International Master Luke Vellotti enjoys teaching trick, traps, and sneak attacks to students between his rounds at the Amateur West team tournament.

Wilson W. from San Francisco has joined our camps for three consecutive summers in a row.


He is now one of the best players in the Bay area!

Jace X. from El Macero joins us on Skype every week in our Enchanted Chess classes. 


He is now so good at solving tough chess puzzles that we call him the Tactics King!

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